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Email Server Hosting for Business; Online Email / Contact Backup.

Group Account. Email & Contact Backup. Outlook & Mobile Access. Private Domain by the leading Align IT service provider.
Get your own (domain) virtual email server instantly! Incl. Server Software, Hardware and Hosting. It is designed for real businesses (not for freebies, spammers, mass mailers). Users also get other Align IT services for no extra charge.

Create/manage multiple email accounts through the web interface;

- Unlimited mailbox size using Outlook;
- Support large attachments; can share very large files using FileManager;
- Access POP3 / IMAP4 emails with Outlook/OE/Windows Mail and Smart Phones;
- Read emails offline with Outlook or online with webmail;
- Enterprise features: email alias, auto reply, auto forward, mailing list, online address book; free/busy info, customized website logo (view sample), powerful 
  spam filter, etc.
- Email Backup service

Web Email Hosting
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